At Photo Graphique MF, our team is on the other end of the line…

When it comes to estimates or quotes for digital or large format printing projects, you can always count on our competent advisors, talk with an actual person. We’re able to answer you quickly, to get you a price by phone at 514 325 1950 and we confirm quotes as soon as possible.

Our Digital Printing Experts:

Geneviève Fréchette
Geneviève FréchetteGraphics | Estimates
You can always count on Geneviève for your graphics projects. In addition, Geneviève takes care of your quotes and estimates as soon as possible.
Philippe Fréchette
Philippe FréchetteCustomer Service | Production
It’s always a pleasure to know that the boss is taking care of you. Philippe is also involved in all aspects related to the graphic and digital production offered by his company.
Stéphane Nadeau
Stéphane NadeauCustomer Service | Estimates
At all times, Stéphane is ready to answer. No matter what your demand for digital printing, he will answer you quickly. Need a quote? Nothing pleases him more!
Johanne Meunier
Johanne MeunierReception | Accounting
Her abilities go far beyond answering the phone at Photo Graphique MF, but there’s a good chance that Johanne will be the one to answer you when you call!
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Talking with a real person, not a screen...
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